Product ER001,ER002,ER003
Product ER004,ER005,ER006
Product ER007,ER008,ER009
Product ER010,ER011,ER012
Product ER013,ER014,ER015
Product ER016,ER017,ER018
Product ER019,ER020,ER021
Product ER022,ER023,ER024
Product ER025,ER026,ER027
Product ER028,ER029,ER030
Product ER031,ER032,ER033
Product ER034,ER035,ER036
Product ER037,ER038,ER039
Product ER040,ER041,ER042
Product ER043,ER044,ER045
Product ER046,ER047,ER048
Product ER049,ER050,ER051
Product ER052,ER053,ER054
Product ER055,ER056,ER057
Product ER058,ER059,ER060

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Earring Collection




    Welcome to the Earrings Collection.  David  has created a catalogue specifically for earrings only.  Each piece is created as all his pieces are, hand-formed, fired, hand-painted.  Each order is handmade from the time the order is placed with David. 

    There is a ongoing special if you buy three sets you get the fourth free.  Please e-mail if you require clip - on earrings to confirm your order as some days the selections come through and others just state pierced.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thanks



Product Listing

African/Endangered Species

bulletER001, ER002, ER003
bulletER004, ER005, ER006
bulletER007, ER008, ER009
bulletER010, ER011, ER012
bulletER013, ER014, ER015
bulletER016, ER017, ER018
bulletER019, ER020, ER021
bulletER022, ER023, ER024
bulletER025, ER026, ER027
bulletER028, ER029, ER030
bulletER031, ER032, ER033
bulletER034, ER035, ER036
bulletER037, ER038, ER039
bulletER040, ER041, ER042
bulletER043, ER044, ER045
bulletER046, ER047, ER048

Floral Collection

bulletER049, ER050, ER051
bulletER052, ER053, ER054
bulletER055, ER056, ER057
bulletER058, ER059, ER060 


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